A temporary exhibition devoted to the 90th Anniversary of the musicologist Margarit Brutyan was opened in the Museum of Literature and Art. M. Brutyan is the founder of the department of Folk Art (opened in 1988) in Yerevan State Conservatory after Comitas and the author of hand-book “Armenian National Musical Work”.

On the same day the presentation of the international magazine “Musical Armenia” (Nº 4 (31) 2008- 1 (32) 2009) devoted to the 40th anniversary of foundation of national Folk-Art department took place.

The chief of Folk-Art department professor Alina Pahlevanyan , the vice-rector of Yerevan Conservatory Mher Navoyan and other guests spoke highly about M.Brutyan. A group of students from Conservatory performed Their music. The event has been organized together with the State Conservatory after Comitas.'